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How to Show Up Powerfully When Someone Doesn’t Like You

Linda Swindling hasn’t always made the big impression she does now, but is sharing her tips she’s learned for how to show up powerfully.



Aiming for Cool with Millenials

Vickie Mitchell shares three ways to make Millennials love your meetings.



Building Better RFPs

Meeting pros share their RFP tips for getting the best response to your bid specs.



Embracing Tiny Meetings

Considering the demand for meeting space is outpacing supply, planners should consider a new approach for their events: smaller.



The Volunteer Difference

CVBs can provide meeting planners with a vital local workforce.



Phone Skills 101

Vickie Mitchell shares her tips on how to improve your telephone presence.



Proven Ways to Cut Business Travel Costs

Use these tips to reduce business travel costs so you can focus on the mission at hand, rather than the dollar amount on your company’s credit card.



A Destination Detective

Vickie Mitchell shares how Empowermint.com helps streamline online destination planning.



Planning Transportation like a Pro

Though it sometimes seems that transportation is the outcast of meeting planning, if it’s not done right, it will be the number one event complaint.



Five Things You Need To Know About CVBs

Part of educating planners is busting some stubborn myths and long-held misconceptions about CVBs.