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Companies Not Prioritizing Sustainable Business Travel

Recent industry reports show that less than 10% of companies are prioritizing sustainability in travel, Skift recently reported.

Two reports from Global Business Travel Association and European campaigning group, Transport and Environment, found that companies may talk big in their annual sustainability report, but most are doing little to cut carbon emissions associated with their travel programs.

Only 8% of 150 polled U.S.-based travel managers said sustainability was a priority, and that number climbed to only 12% among companies’ senior leaders, according to the GBTA report.

Transport and Environment’s report found that 85% of global companies have not set “ambitious targets” to reduce corporate travel emissions. Only 50 out of 322 companies have set targets to lower emissions from their business travel, Skift reported. Of the 50 companies with targets, only four committed to reducing them by 50% or more by 2025 or earlier.

Most corporations are taking little to no action on business travel, the report summarizes, and are “turning a blind eye to the harms done by flying for work.” The ranking assessed 322 U.S., European and Indian companies according to 10 indicators.

Read the full Skift article for more information.