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Eventbrite: Persistent Optimism Will Continue to Bolster Events Industry in 2023

Much of the positivity that helped the events industry rebound in 2022 will continue into 2023 – and will continue to benefit organizers and their events, according to Eventbrite’s 2023 Event Trends Report.

As with last year’s trends report, Eventbrite surveyed event creators, and 1,581 organizers from around the world responded to share how they’re feeling about the year ahead and the challenges it may bring.

For the first time, Eventbrite also surveyed nearly 4,500 event attendees, asking if their enthusiasm for events will change this year, what they would like to see more of and whether inflation is affecting their budgets.

Eventbrite found that attendees and creators are optimistic about the year ahead. Attendees are eager to head to even more events and feel positively about gatherings. Event creators share that enthusiasm, but they are also concerned about budget issues and increased market competition.

According to the report, more than 40% of boomers plan to attend more events in 2023 than last year, while 60% of Gen X and millennials and 63% of Gen Z globally say they’ll attend more events this year. Less than 10% of all respondents plan to attend fewer events.

Nearly 55% of American respondents said that events sparked feelings of connection, and 41% said that events made them feel like they are part of a community.

Respondents also seem to value events to help counteract the post-pandemic isolation that many people are experiencing. About one-third of American respondents say they are “almost always” or “often” socially isolated. Nearly 65% of U.S. respondents said that attending events made them feel less lonely. About 65% also said that attending gatherings made them feel happy while another 55% said they left feeling energized.

Online gatherings continue to have an appeal for a wide range of reasons, including budgets, flexibility and casual dress codes. About 30% of American survey takers indicated they plan to attend more virtual events in 2023, and an additional 40% expect to attend the same number as they did in 2022.

Face-to-face events, however, are still more popular than virtual ones. Of those surveyed, 64% prefer to attend in-person if an event offers both options.

Overall, the report concluded that a sense of persistent optimism after a few years of turmoil – along with a restored belief in the ability for events to connect and inspire – is getting event organizers and attendees excited for a new slate of gatherings in 2023.

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