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Global Spectrum takes entrepreneurial approach

Global Spectrum takes an entrepreneurial approach to managing facilities like the new Owensboro Convention Center. Unlike many publicly run convention centers, Global Spectrum management on-site will create its own local events and run them to fill the center during open dates.

If those events are successful and can be branded or sponsored by a local entity in subsequent years, all the better. The proactive approach is designed to generate revenues for Global Spectrum and its partner city.

“You create and sell your own events,” said Laura Alexander, the center’s director of sales. “We already have 26 events planned for 2014 that we’ve created with the city as our partner. It’s a Global Spectrum mind-set that we bring to the facilities we manage.”

Global Spectrum managers across the country work together to build their business.

“We work as a team with other managers at Global Spectrum facilities to refer each other business,” said Dean Dennis, general manager of the Owensboro Convention Center and a Global Spectrum vice president. “Our directors of sales look at all facilities together and look for synergies. They’re incentivized to help each other generate new business at other facilities.”

“We do a lot of cross-selling,” said Alexander. “Once a month, I have a conference call with my colleagues across the country to discuss leads. For instance, we manage centers in St. Charles, Mo., and Overland Park, Kan., that have very similar profiles to ours. Why not recommend each other to groups looking for new places to meet?”