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Tips for Improving Virtual Speaking

Lights, Camera, Action!

Now is the time to focus your attention on preparing internal corporate speakers for (virtual) showtime, including the CEO!  When selecting someone to coach your speakers, make sure they understand the meticulous nuances involved with presenting on the small screen for virtual meetings, events, and conferences. Just like with television, every facial and body movement is magnified. Planners need to think cinematically rather than theatrically when it comes to virtual. Theatrically means a speaker is on stage in front of a live audience, whereas, cinematically is having your speaker present to the camera without an audience.   When speaking in front of a camera alone, the energy level declines by 30% and this takes a new mindset.

If you’re in the midst of planning an upcoming virtual meeting, you already have many NEW challenges to focus on, so why not remove stress where you can? Retain a consultant to help ensure every one of your internal speakers (CEO, Executives, and Management) is coached and able to deliver brilliant presentations! The goal? To keep their audience fully engaged, entertained, and educated!

Sometimes virtual presentations lack energy, and with the high expectations your stakeholders have now there is no room for error to deliver top-tier virtual experiences. Proactively deciding to make sure each presenter is polished and poised will drastically improve their ability to heighten alliances internally and externally with engaging information. Keep in mind, professional speakers are hired for their knowledge and relevant content while keeping the energy high with attendees.  Executives lead the way with their vision and critical message and may not have the talent for keeping the excitement high with meeting participants.

Coaching your executives will help them:

  • Increase their confidence and credibility, showing they are a world class leader with executive presence
  • Tell their stories and transfer their knowledge and vision to the audience brilliantly
  • Connect to their audience with authenticity

By involving as many “senses” as possible such as see, hear and smell, retention will be increased.  If participants can see and hear the executive, there is a 55% retention rate.  If the audience has an activity, retention increasing to 85%.  With everyone having a front row seat, the intimacy is unveiled.  The executives’ words and ideas are inches away from participant eyes and ears causing heightened authenticity.

Be sure your consultant has the wisdom and background in coaching professional speakers and executives.  They must have the framework in place to approach speaker enhancement in a more effective message and presentation style.  Your executives need to know their presentations must be shorter than before; thirty minutes is now replacing the usual 60 minutes.  Encourage your executives to be concise and get to the point as fast as possible.  “Shorter really is sweeter”.  Rehearsals are a must when it comes to virtual; leave nothing to chance. In case the internet is disrupted, have you a back-up plan especially if the CEO is speaking?  Why not pre-record his/her remarks so if the internet connection is interrupted, the presentation can be shown and no one will know the difference.

Give your executives that extra dose of poise and polish so they can lead the organization with momentum and vitality.  This is critical to the success of your meeting.

About Betty Garrett

Betty Garrett has spent more than three decades in the training, travel and hospitality industries. Her company, Garrett Speakers International, is based in Irving, Texas. Reach Garrett at Check out their website at