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Meet in Paradise on South Padre Island

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Escape the four walls and feel the sand on your toes with your next meeting on Texas’ only tropical island. Wide-open natural beach and stunning Gulf of Mexico waters are the perfect backdrops for your event’s big ideas and camaraderie. With a commitment to guest safety and flexibility to address protocols, you can rest easy that your next meeting will be handled responsibly by our experienced team.

The Gulf of Mexico provides a gorgeous backdrop to an event on South Padre Island.

With miles of pristine shorelines, perfect year-round weather, and lively dining and nightlife scene, Texas’ best beach, South Padre Island, is a popular destination for travelers seeking a tropical getaway. But the sun, sand, and sea aren’t just reserved for vacationers. Meeting planners love South Padre Island’s setting and accommodations for events of all sizes. They also appreciate the Island’s tropical backdrop, as it lures attendees who are excited to hit the beach while learning, networking, and growing their organizations.

The only tropical island in Texas, South Padre Island is easily accessible by land and air. Your attendees will check a few things off their bucket list while learning team-building skills they can take back to the office. Groups can zip-line or ride horses on the beach with coworkers.

Their adrenaline will be pumping with a variety of activities, including parasailing. If catching waves, snorkeling, or even kayaking gets your group’s blood pumping, South Padre Island is the perfect place! There are more than half a dozen activities that will have attendees connecting, all while enjoying our amazing Laguna Madre Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

South Padre Island is situated between Laguna Madre Bay to the west and the Gulf of Mexico to the east.

Beware, on South Padre Island, wearing a tie isn’t just frowned upon. It’s actually banned. Declaring that ties are “detrimental to the welfare of the island,” the City Council officially decreed in 1997 that they be “banished from our land and waters forever.” This is all in good fun, of course – the “no tie” ordinance has yet to be enforced – but it’s in keeping with the island’s laid-back, informal atmosphere. In a place where relaxation is encouraged, and flip-flops and shorts are considered formal wear, there’s simply no need for buttoned-up business attire.

In your mind, you’re already here. Choose from a wide selection of beach and bayside hotels and vacation rentals, all perfectly situated to help you explore the Island’s activities and attractions. Mild, semi-arid weather means lots of sunny days, with an average annual temperature of 74 degrees. Take a sandcastle lesson from some of the best sand artists in the state!

Step outside the main door of the South Padre Island Convention Centre to discover why South Padre Island is the ideal destination for your convention, meeting, or tradeshow. The Centre occupies 30 acres on the scenic Laguna Madre Bay with 45,000 square feet that can be configured almost any way you like.

The South Padre Island Convention Centre

If you are ready to meet in paradise, contact David Villarreal, Sales Manager at (956) 761-3834 or via email at