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Offsite Launches “Airbnb for Team Retreats” To Reconnect Remote and Hybrid Companies

Offsite, a provider of team retreat planning services for remote and hybrid teams, today announced the launch of its first publicly available software product – a curated marketplace designed to save companies time, money and stress while planning off-sites.

Through Offsite’s Airbnb-style marketplace, users can create an account, search across hundreds of curated team retreat venues and submit requests for room blocks, meeting space and more, with a few clicks.

Within 24 to 48 hours, users will then receive proposals from their chosen venues with an average discount of 20%, simplifying the end-to-end off-site planning experience for companies planning team retreats and hotel vendors alike.

Since launching about two years ago, Offsite has planned hundreds of team retreats in over 17 countries for clients ranging from hospitals to hedge funds, with a focus on supporting start-ups, online communities and venture capital firms.

Offsite has saved its clients over $1 million to date on off-site venues and other budget items around team retreat planning, a figure the company expects will to grow with the launch of its new marketplace.

“Off-sites and team retreats are an increasingly crucial part of every company’s strategy around increasing employee engagement, retention and alignment,” said Jared Kleinert, founder and CEO of Offsite.

“With the launch of our marketplace, we hope to help thousands of companies save time and money while planning higher ROI off-sites at inspiring venues around the world, much like we have with our beta users over the past few months.”

Offsite has partnered with boutique hospitality brands like The Standard, Ace Hotels, Palisociety, Bunkhouse, Arlo Hotels, SLS, Belmond, and Placemakr, as well as unique venue providers like Getaway, AutoCamp and Wander, to provide remote and hybrid teams planning off-sites with a curated selection of off-site venues around the world.

These properties are vetted for things like quality of meeting space, guest capacity, selection of activities – either on-site or within a short distance of the property – and overall guest experience.

Offsite has entered into agreements with these hotels to offer exclusive rates to their users, typically resulting in 20%-40% off some of the biggest budget-line items for a team retreat, such as room blocks, meeting spaces and food and beverage.

Offsite also continues to provide end-to-end planning services supporting clients with everything from booking flights to venue selection, negotiating, contracting, agenda creation, budget management, procuring travel visas, making restaurant reservations and managing vendors.

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