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Planners Love Dubuque, Iowa (Sponsored)

Choosing a location for a meeting can sometimes be overwhelming. Questions like “will my attendees like the location or what is there to do at the end of the day” often arise from planners. Hear from two planners who don’t question choosing Dubuque, IA as the ideal location for their meetings and events.

aerial view of Dubuque 

Kristi Hetland, Director of Global Accounts

Question: Dubuque has great meeting spaces. What makes these spaces stand out against some other communities you have booked business in.
Answer: It’s more affordable than other communities in Iowa and the Midwest; the venues have been easy to work with—they truly WANT our business; and the CVB is an awesome and hands-on resource!

Question: You work with many groups that book in Dubuque, what you hear about the community from them?
Answer: The friendliness of the community, the views! So many things to do, and so easy to get around.

Question: What made you look at Dubuque and say this would be a perfect location for my clients?
Answer: Clients were looking for something outside of Des Moines and Dubuque is an easy drive for their attendees. Dubuque had the space that was needed, hotel choices, and a variety of off-site activities.

Question: If one of your attendees had two hours to explore Dubuque on their own, what would you tell them to go and explore?
Answer: Take a walk along the river and explore the museum; walk downtown and check out the amazing murals; take a boat ride; eat at one of the many restaurants; take the elevator; relax and enjoy the views!

Anything else you would want to share with readers about Dubuque, IA?
It is a small community with many big city amenities, whether it’s the convention center, the hotels, the restaurants and shopping, the history, or recreation. But it also has the great Mississippi River that many communities do not have. I talked to one gentleman who attended the last event I booked in Dubuque. He is a well-traveled, sophisticated individual and it was his first time in Dubuque. He told me, “I had no idea how many great things Dubuque had to offer! It is our new favorite place in Iowa and we will be back!”

Kristi Hetland

Holly Mueggenberg, Member Programs Director
Iowa Association of Business & Industry

Question: What makes Dubuque, IA stand out as a meetings destination?
Answer: Dubuque has great meeting space close to wonderful hotel accommodations for our Annual Conference. In addition, Dubuque has many unique tour opportunities to add experiences to our agenda that our attendees have come to expect.

Question: What is one thing you have heard from your attendees about their time in Dubuque?
Answer: While in Dubuque our attendees have a hard time mentioning only one thing. They talk about the great connections with regional business leaders, fantastic
venues, various dining options and rich history around every corner.

Question: Why would you tell another meeting planner to work through the local DMO to help plan their event?
Answer: There is no one better to share hidden jewels of the community, showcase unique venues and want your event to succeed in their community more than the local DMO folks.

Question: There are many options in the community for offsite events, small group get togethers, etc. What is one place that you would say is at the top of your list?
Answer: Our attendees always enjoy the history and atmosphere the Hotel Julien Dubuque offers. This is a must see in Dubuque.