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Small Market Meetings editor will meet with conference attendees

The editor is in!

Small Market Meetings editor Vickie Mitchell will attend the three-day Small Market Meetings Conference October 4-6 to pick up story ideas from meeting planners and representatives who are attending the conference. She will also be writing stories about the new conference for the November issue of Small Market Meetings.

“The Small Market Meetings Media Station will be prominently located in the Small Market Meetings Conference exhibit hall for easy access to all delegates attending the conference in Shreveport,” said publisher Mac Lacy. “As the publication targeted to and written for smaller destinations and the meeting planners who use them, we’ll be using this conference as a sounding board for lots of story ideas. Having our editor, Vickie Mitchell, there will give us instant access to meeting planners who are making lots of decisions about where this industry is headed.”

“Each month, I interview many meeting planners and suppliers by telephone to gather information for the stories I write, but there is nothing like face-to-face meetings to cultivate those industry connections that are so valuable to a national publication like ours,” said Mitchell “The payoff for our readers in stories that are more focused on the issues that they face in their jobs.”

Herb Sparrow, executive editor and cofounder of Small Market Meetings, will join Mitchell in the booth.

In addition to serving as the hub for Mitchell’s daily news-gathering activities, the Small Market Meetings Media Station will also host the conference’s video operation.

Meeting planners and others will be interviewed in video clips that will be broadcast on over the coming months. These videos will provide online content for the website and, at the conference’s conclusion, will be rotated over several months.

“Our intention is to meet with as many meeting planners as possible over the course of our three days in Shreveport and to cultivate relationships with them that will be mutually beneficial,” said Lacy. “These planners will become our newest eyes and ears in identifying trends and developments in the industry, and we’ll provide them and their organizations with valuable exposure through our monthly ‘Small Market Meetings’ newspaper and its website. We’re looking forward to it.”

If you are a meeting planner and have not yet registered to attend the Small Market Meetings Conference Oct. 4-6 in Shreveport, you may register online at Registration is being handle by Cvent, an official sponsor of the Small Market Meetings Conference.

The Small Market Meetings Conference reimburses all registration and travel expenses of meeting planners who attend the conference and all scheduled functions. For more information, visit, or call 330- 337-1027.