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Southwest Expands Business Assist Portal Features

DALLAS— Several months after launching its Business Assist portal in August 2022, Southwest Airlines has expanded the service with new features and functions, according to a recent Business Travel News article.

Southwest introduced a “partner benefits” section that allows corporate customers to link a credit bank to their contract for opportunities to earn and redeem credits for A-List and A-List Preferred upgrade requests, name changes and visibility to a no-show report. The service provides customers flexibility in how they choose to spend credits tied to their contracts.

Corporate clients can also negotiate an expanded version of their contracts that allows them to refund non-refundable flight credits, give companion passes to customers, and transfer Southwest flight credits to a UATP card, among other benefits.

The portal now features live chat for accounts with B2B premier partner service desk access, and Southwest plans to continue expanding the availability of the service in the future. Another new feature in the reservation system, “Pay by Link,” allows agents to take payment within the live chat without having to get on the phone. Within the live chat, agents can share a secure link with customers, who can then enter their payment information for booking or travel changes.

Corporate customers now also can transfer Southwest flight credits to another traveler, except for Wanna Get Away fares.

The portal also offers an emissions calculator for expanded sustainability reporting, as well as real-time traveler tracking to see if they have checked in and boarded the plane and be able to view the status of their flight.

For further information about Southwest Business Assist Portal, visit or read the Business Travel News article here.