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Study on Value of In-Person Meeting

You might be surprised by a recent survey designed to determine the current value of face-to-face meetings in the age of videoconferencing. The survey by Meetings Mean Business and APCO Worldwide concluded that 96 percent of small business owners say in-person meetings yield a return on investment. Meetings Mean Business concluded there are a few reasons why this number is so high.

First, the company states that some discussions work better face-to-face. Networking, finding business partnerships and exploring new business opportunities all ranked among the top reasons small business owners found corporate travel worthwhile. The respondents also indicated that in-person meetings help grow a company’s bottom line with opportunities to attract new customers as a top reason for traveling for work.

About 90 percent of these small business owners planned to spend as much or more on travel for meetings in 2017 as they did in 2016.

“When asking to attend, host or travel to an in-person meeting, stressing the value and return on investment to the decision makers will help them understand why meetings are so critical,” said Richard Harper, co-chairman of Meetings Mean Business. “Not only do they develop relationships in a more personal meaningful way, but they also help businesses win new customers, close new deals and develop high-performing talent.”

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