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Sustainable Travel & Transportation Network Launches

The Sustainable Travel & Transportation Network (STTN) has launched, with the mission to unite travel, tourism, and transportation in committing to sustainability. The organization also aims to take necessary actions to help reduce the causes of climate change and to help remedy societal inequities by developing more sustainable and accessible operations and services.

STTN’s ultimate goal is to identify and connect sustainable companies and their customers within the travel and transportation marketplace, according to the group’s website. The organization will also act as a networking platform and central hub for environmental certifications, Business Travel News reported.

STTN co-founders include Patricia Charla, who previously co-founded Tech360, and Sara Richardson, the founder and former president of RAS International. Other STTN team members include Horst Bayer, founder of TravelHorst, and Bernard Harrop, the managing director of IG Management.

One of the organization’s critical roles is integrating each member into the STTN sustainability network to help build awareness and understanding of the core concepts of sustainability from three perspectives: economic, environmental, and social.

STTN will work to share the knowledge of subject matter experts to support individuals and their organizations as they transition to making sustainability and inclusivity core principles.

By fostering business growth with like-minded companies committed to the provision of services that are environmentally and socially responsible, STTN members will:

  • Help to integrate the world of “movement” by creating sustainable programs to encourage business growth, attract top talent, reduce expenses and improve communities locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Establish a structured/tiered certification program built upon ISO 31030/IEC 31010 – Travel Risk Management and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system standards to confirm each participant’s achievements in achieving their sustainability goals.
  • Provide members with the tools and technologies to facilitate the measurement and management of emissions and the ability to provide their corporate clients with consolidated real-time reporting for all trips.
  • Networking events (both online and in-person) showcasing suppliers, vendors and others providing services and products that allow members to improve efficiencies, reduce emissions, minimize risk and subsequently increase profits.

For more information about STTN, visit