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Team Building: The Amazing Chase

When your clue relates to Britain and you’re in San Francisco…you naturally head to the city’s Imperial Tea Court. Clues like these fuel the fun and energy of a team-building event with American Outback Adventures called the Amazing Chase.

Based on the popular TV show, the Amazing Chase can take place in any medium to large city in the country. Teams race around the city following route markers, encountering roadblocks and working their way through custom challenges.

A Boston meeting with this team building challenge gives attendees a chance to see the city, since clues relate to popular tourist attractions. Participants also enjoy a bonding experience while learning key team building lessons, such as effective communication, problem solving, strategy and creativity.

Attendees use smartphone technology with the help of hosts, GPS markers and trivia questions to race for location to location before heading to the finish line. Each course is customized for the group for a two- to three-hour experience. American Outback Adventures provides photos and videos of the event for participants to reflect on later.

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