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Team Building Idea: Chariots Afire

From a cart, building materials and a random assortment of decorations, creative minds have constructed wonderfully eccentric makeshift chariots over the years. A favorite zany team building event by Wildly Different, Chariots Afire asks corporate groups to work together in teams to construct a chariot to use during a race.

Participants in teams first access their inventiveness to craft a fun chariot to race. Next, the teams hope their chariot holds together during an obstacle-filled racecourse.

This activity can lighten the mood of a meeting and foster positive memories between employees, as well as develop teamwork and creativity skills.

Wildly Different also hosts a number of other wacky team building activities, such as Cardboard Carnival where members develop a carnival-like game with cardboard and Spud Racer where teams create racecars out of food items.

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