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Tips for Collaborating with Speakers

Collaboration is defined as the process of two or more people or organizations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal.

As the meeting professional, you and your keynote speaker, are the two critical components who, by collaborating together, will develop  relevant content that will resonate with the audience.  This discussion will help make your meeting experiential for the participants and hit all the high notes by adding real take home value.

Your prep-call or conference call is imperative to your meeting experience success.  Planners must take time to educate and brief the speaker on meeting objectives to best help the speaker customize his/her remarks and enhance the learning experience.

While on the conference call with your speaker, be sure and cover the following tips:

  • the goal, objective and purpose of the meeting (not just from the planners perspective but from executive management and stakeholders, too.)
  • give the demographics…average age; ratio of male to female
  • are there buzz words to use or not to use
  • discuss what is going on internally; are there issues that need to addressed, avoided, or emphasized
  • what happens prior to/after the speaker’s presentation
  • make up of the audience…titles of the participants…directors, supervisors, etc.
  • who are speakers you have hired in the past
  • who are the other speakers on the platform
  • who inside your company/association should be interviewed by the speaker to heighten the speaker’s message on stage

This information will assist your speaker in developing a customized and compelling message that is impactful and relatable to the audience by using engaging stories.  This does not happen by chance with the speaker.

Developing content for your attendees is calculated, focused and deliberate.  Your speaker will craft his/her message to your industry enhancing the attendee participation by showing how to improve profits, productivity and performance.

Your return on investment with the speaker will truly be realized if you provide the necessary information he/she needs because this will affect the bottom line in a positive manner.  Depending upon the message you are wanting to convey to the audience, your speaker will typically address the three P’s…Profits, Productivity and Performance.

Hiring a professional speaker or a subject matter expert who can entertain, educate and empower the audience will only enhance the company’s culture and pursuit of gaining market share.

Doesn’t it make sense for you to educate your speaker on the goals and objectives rather than leaving it to chance?  Take the initiative, become the leader and orchestrator in amplifying your meeting experience through collaboration with your speaker.


Betty Garrett has spent more than three decades in the training, travel and hospitality industries. Her company, Garrett Speakers International, is based in Irving, Texas. Reach Garrett at Check out their website at