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Titanic Museum

In 1912, exactly 2,208 passengers and crewmembers set sail aboard the Titanic, unknowingly taking part in what would become one of the most infamous maiden voyages in world history. As they boarded, the passengers carried with them not only their belongings and dreams of adventure, but also stories all their own. Some were venturing off to start fresh in an unknown land, some were yearning to be part of history aboard this modern marvel, and some were simply seeking passage on a luxury liner back home.

As the ship sank that fateful night in April, many lives were lost, but the passengers’ stories have lived on in the hearts of every American and in hallowed halls of the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge. This sister museum to the Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, Missouri, opened in 2010 and has since welcomed more than 2.2 million visitors. The museum aims to pay tribute and celebrate the lives of the 2,208 people who embarked on that historic journey by telling their stories through artifacts, interactive exhibits and stunning re-creations.

“Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge is celebrating its fifth year,” said Mary Kellogg, co-owner of Titanic Museum Attraction. “As part of our tribute to the ship and her passengers, we create an experience for our guests. They will enter the ship as a guest, but they will leave as a Titanic passenger.”

The ship-shaped museum has become a mecca for anyone wanting to pay respect to or learn more about the Titanic passengers and crew, but it has also become one of the premier venues for hosting corporate outings, meetings and private events in the Tennessee Smokies. The staff can create themed events around the historic voyage, but the stunning atmosphere of the venue makes for a fitting background for any blockbuster event, from proms and theme parties to meetings and reunions.


Meeting Spaces

In a similar fashion as the real Titanic, the Titanic Museum Attraction offers choice opportunities to celebrate and gather in style. Most visitors are unaware of the meeting space at the museum, and that’s all part of the room’s allure. The Secret Dining Room is able to accommodate 125 guests in a very exclusive space available only to event planners looking to host a gathering of at least 40 people. While the secret room is ideal for meetings and private events, the entire museum is a venue, able to host up to 400 people with a progressive-style dinner throughout the ship.


Galley Gourmet

Event dining at the Titanic Museum Attraction is about so much more than the cuisine. The event staff takes guests on a culinary expedition through time with 100 percent customized menus where a member of the staff works with each planner to develop the perfect menu for the occasion. The team can do everything from health-conscious power lunches for inspired meetings to elaborate dinners that replicate the first meal served aboard the Titanic. Progressive-style dinners can take guests on a gastronomic passage through the ship. Alcohol is available.


The Museum

The museum is a marvel to see, standing two stories high and built as a half-scale model of the original Titanic. There are more than 400 artifacts on display, valued at more than $4 million. Upon entering, each visitor receives a boarding ticket with the name of an actual Titanic passenger and the passenger’s traveling class. Throughout the two-hour, self-guided tour, guests can follow their passenger’s and other passengers’ stories through an experience that leads them to the memorial room, where they can learn their passenger’s fate.



Each attendee receives a boarding pass to view the museum, where they can walk the $1 million replica of the grand staircase, shovel coal in the boiler room, stand on the sloping deck, touch an iceberg, send an SOS distress signal, listen to passenger stories while sitting in a real lifeboat and see how long they can keep their hands in 28-degree water. Guests aged 8 and under can explore in the Tot-Titanic section of the museum. Groups are able to book a guided tour, and each event is staffed by “crew” members in costume that give the events in the museum a touch of living history.


Titanic Museum Attraction


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