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Trends in Event Entertainment

No one wants to attend a boring meeting, so many planners integrate entertainment options into their events. But choosing the perfect entertainment that brings something memorable and fun to an event can be difficult. Arthur Backal, who spearheads all the events at Apella, Event Space of Alexandria Center, has compiled a list of event entertainment trends he has noticed in recent months.


1.) Technology:

Not only has technology made an impact on the way corporations conduct business but on the way they entertain as well. Magicians and caricaturists using iPad entertainment are extremely popular. This forward thinking type of entertainment can easily be customized by including products, branding, and logos.


2.) Mentalists:

These modern-day magicians will have your guests’ heads spinning with their card and mind tricks.


3.) Performance Painters:

These are artists who create a painting while the audience looks on.


4.) Urban Street Dance Acts:

Street dance entertainment is very popular and these entertainers can put on a show as a duo, small group or as a large choreographed act.


5.) The Return of Funk:

This great, groovy music is hot right now.


6.) Violinists:

String acts are still very popular and there are some acts that will now play everything from classical to hip-hop.


7.) Alternative Entertainment:

Photo booths, photo walls and slow-motion video booths are all popular.


8.) Themes:

Themes are here to stay. “At the movies,” “the roaring twenties,” and “the eighties” are all popular. Entertainment should set the mood and enforce the theme.


9.) Custom Hashtags:

By creating a custom hashtag for an event, all the photos from it will be easily accessible.


10.) Immersive:

Today’s events are immersive experiences that impact all the senses.


Arthur Backal is CEO and founder of Backal Management Group, LLC, as well as consulting director of catering at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York. Backal has worked with some of New York’s most renowned hoteliers, including the Helmsley Palace, The Plaza and St. Regis, where he oversaw the entire food and beverage operation. Backal was also credited with restoring the Pierre to its legendary grandeur during his time there as director of catering. He was inducted into the BizBash Hall of Fame in 2010 in honor of his contributions in the event industry and philanthropy. Backal Management Group facilitates the planning and execution of all events at Apella, an event space at the Alexandria Center in New York.