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Visit El Paso (Sponsored)

Choosing the right city for your event can be a difficult task. With budget constraints, travel logistics and sheer number of choices available, it can be easy to default to a larger, more-familiar city to host your event. However, it’s the tier-two cities that prove to be a treasure trove of experiences that are out of the ordinary, and they’re often more accommodating and affordable than their larger counterparts. And while El Paso is known for its friendliness, authentic Mexican food and being the safest city in the U.S., it’s quickly becoming America’s next great meeting, event and tournament hub.

The Sun City is Shining

El Paso is in the midst of a renaissance. With a $500 million investment and several big projects underway, El Paso’s experiencing unprecedented growth! You’ll be stunned when you see what’s new. The return of our vintage streetcars. An art-filled city square. An award-winning Triple-A ballpark and USL soccer stadium. New shops. New restaurants. Plus, new state-of-the-art hotels are here, doubling our number of rooms within walking distance of our convention center!

Maximize Your Money

El Paso delivers on a budget in ways other cities can’t, like offering lower rates for nearly every aspect of your event. Hotel rooms, event spaces, food and beverage, transportation, entertainment … it’s all more affordable here. You’d be hard-pressed to find a tier-two city that doesn’t strive to make your event as cost-effective and successful as possible, and El Paso is no exception. DMOs in these cities are also generally open to putting in the extra work needed to obtain grants or other perks, giving you the opportunity to make your event even better! For example, El Paso utilizes incentives that can often save you money, giving you the extra room in your budget to hire an exciting guest speaker, treat your attendees to dinner and a show or even rent a photo booth and some props to capture the fun.

Make Your Event Memorable 

How can your event be unique if you’re hosting it in the same city as everyone else? There are only so many tweaks you can make to the menu and program to differentiate your event for your attendees. If you truly want to deliver an exceptional experience, host your event in a city like El Paso that can provide something unexpected and out of the ordinary. More often than not, a unique city equals a unique event.

The Royal Treatment

Come to El Paso and you’ll be treated like royalty. Mariachi greeting at the airport? Done. A tour of artisan bootmaker shops? You got it. Help booking hotel rooms? Say no more. Anything else? Just ask. Our free meeting-planner services will make your job easier. Come see for yourself!

Anthony Jay Mancuso, CMP

Director of Convention Sales Development