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A Winning Tradition at Lambeau Field

There was a time when Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, was just a stadium. The date was September 29, 1957, and nearly 32,154 fans were just beginning to file in, taking their seats on the brand-new wooden bleachers that took nine long months to construct. At that moment, the brand-new field was simply a series of polished bleachers and a pristinely trimmed field. But as the first Green Bay Packer passed through the tunnel and stepped out onto the freshly cut grass, something remarkable happened.

The stadium came to life.

The Green Bay Packers are the only major league U.S. professional sports team to be community owned as a nonprofit, and the community investment in the team has played a huge role in making the Packers players so much more than sports celebrities. The team is considered family to many, and the stadium, a home.

Even today, after 60 years have passed and nine renovations have occurred to preserve the stadium’s iconic “retro” look while expanding it to include seating for up to 81,435 visitors, Lambeau Field is still considered so much more than a typical stadium. It’s the heart of Green Bay.

Whether it’s during a game or during a tour, the stadium radiates with a pulse all its own. Lambeau Field has the longest active home-field tenure in the NFL, and many football fans consider it a bucket list experience to visit the stadium at least once during their lives. Many others make it an annual pilgrimage to just step inside for a tour through the Packers past. But this iconic stadium’s legendary atmosphere isn’t only a special place to watch a game; it’s an amazing venue for hosting a variety of large- or small-scale events.

The event staff at Lambeau Field operates as its own exclusive team of highly trained players and looks at each gathering at the stadium through the lens of its own playbook, tailoring and managing each event to match the host’s precise vision. The venue provides meeting space for five to 1,000 guests to come together for memorable events as wide-ranging as corporate outings, training seminars, team-building events, trade shows, concerts, wedding receptions, reunions and more.


In less than a year, meeting guests will get exclusive access to a brand-new development adjacent to Lambeau Field when the Titletown District opens before the fall of 2017. The new district will include a 34-acre commercial, recreational and residential area filled with year-round entertainment options. Visitors will have access to fitness-related activities like the 300-foot sledding and tubing hill and a regulation-size football field, cultural opportunities at the plaza, multiuse facilities for meetings or gatherings in the park, and festive game-day fun at the activity area and playground featuring football-specific equipment.