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A Place to Inspire Your Story

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Located an hour south of Memphis, amidst rolling hills and under the sprawling branches of historic oak trees, sits Oxford, Mississippi. The home of Ole Miss, this town has always brought passion and youthful energy to the table, but with its combination of rich cultural heritage, exceptional hospitality, and modern amenities, Oxford offers a distinctive setting for corporate gatherings that seek to motivate and invigorate.

At the heart of Oxford’s allure is its storied past, which has shaped it into a vibrant cultural hub. This is the town William Faulkner called home, where every corner tells a story, and where the spirit of the Nobel Prize-winning author lingers in the air, inviting visitors to explore the depths of their own imagination. The creativity bubbles to the surface in Oxford’s downtown — called The Square — which stands as the epitome of a Southern small town. It’s a place where travelers can wander along tree-lined streets, past bookstores, galleries, and boutiques, before settling into one of the many acclaimed restaurants that have made Oxford a culinary destination. Here, you can rediscover traditional Southern cuisine at Ajax Diner, or find modern twists on Southern classics only a few doors down at City Grocery. The truth is in Oxford it’s almost impossible to not stumble upon an exceptional dining experience that will serve as both a delicious escape from the day’s meetings and a natural atmosphere for networking and reconnecting.

The town is well-equipped to host events of all sizes, offering a range of venues from the grandeur of The Lyric Oxford, a restored 1913 theater, to the modern conference facilities — such as the Oxford Conference Center — found around town. These venues, combined with Oxford’s array of hotels and bed and breakfasts, ensure that guests enjoy comfort and convenience throughout their stay. Moreover, Oxford’s walkable historic setting and quaint natural beauty creates a serene environment that encourages relaxation and reflection. That unique atmosphere blends with the town’s spirit of hospitality, tranquility, and creativity, transforming an ordinary business meeting into an extraordinary experience. The town’s manageable size facilitates easy navigation and fosters a sense of community and exclusivity, allowing event organizers to craft gatherings that are both effortless and memorable.

In Oxford, Mississippi, meeting planners will find more than just a venue for their events; they will discover a destination that enriches attendees’ experiences with its culture, history, and Southern charm. It’s a town where meetings and conferences can transcend the confines of the boardroom, offering attendees not only a place to convene, but also to be inspired, to dine well and to feel genuinely welcomed. In this hidden gem of the South, the essence of a successful gathering is not just in the logistics but in the experience—a blend of work and pleasure, tradition and innovation, that leaves a lasting impression. For more information on planning your meeting, go to