Mayo and More in Rochester, Minnesota

Health care drives the meetings industry in Rochester, Minnesota.


Experience Texas’ True West

These Texas towns offer planners plenty of ways to experience the state’s Western history and heritage.


Texas’ Cowboy College Towns

In these Texas college towns, people are just as loyal to their alma maters as they are to the Lone Star State.


North Little Rock, The Other Little Rock

Just across the Arkansas River from Little Rock, North Little Rock contains a thriving hub of art galleries, craft breweries and rich cuisine. 


Tudor-Style Luxury at the Grand Summit Hotel

Since opening, the Tudor-style Grand Summit Hotel has been in high demand by meeting groups seeking a unique place for corporate events and meetings.


Showtime at the Schuster Center

Besides being the home of the Dayton Opera and the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra the center is a fantastic space for hosting meetings for 20 to 20,000 guests.


Topeka, Kansas: A Great Plains Gathering Place

Kansas’ capital makes a marvelous place for gatherings on the Great Plains.


The South on Display at the Southern Cultural Heritage Center

The Southern Cultural Heritage Center— a Catholic school and convent turned cultural center— has a history of hospitality to share with your attendees.


New Ideas in Northern Kentucky

Meeting groups will discover a vibrant hub of Southern charm and urban landscape along the Ohio River in northern Kentucky.


Get Educated on Illinois College Towns

These Illinois college towns bring metropolitan favorites like easy transit and high-end venues to cozy small towns.