Rockford SMM Sept14 Leaderboard

Make Panels Amazing

Kristin Arnold, a professional moderator and speaker, revealed her ideas for making panels more powerful.



The Many Uses of a CVB for a Planner

Convention and Visitors Bureaus are available to provide a wealth of local knowledge and insight for meeting planners.



More Meeting Attendees Embrace Adventure

Outdoor adventure experiences build bonds between meeting participants.



Insurance For Your Event: A Good Idea

Here are some types of event-specific insurance you can consider as you plan your benefit auction or a similar event.



Planning Events in Your Hometown

Many planners have experienced the upside of having home turf events.



Managing Dietary Restrictions

The expansion of dietary restrictions keeps event planners on their feet.



Create Your Own Meeting Telecast

Jeff Blackman relates how you can create your own meeting telecast.



Save on Audio-Visual

Although audio-visual components are one of the biggest chunks of any event budget, the more you know, the more you can save.



Network With A Smile

The power of your emotional appearance is an important way to network.



Planners “Go Green”

Identifying waste at the outset helps avoid creating waste and makes it easier to plan a green meeting.