Illinois Favorites Photo Gallery

See more of the Illinois College Towns featured in our recent Illinois Meeting Guide.


Connect. Relate. Explore.

How can you create an environment for your event? By finding the perfect venue that answers the important needs of the attendee.


Lincoln Library Photo Quiz

We featured the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in the July 2016 issue. Find out how much you know about this inspiring event venue with our photo quiz.


Topeka, Kansas: A Great Plains Gathering Place

Kansas’ capital makes a marvelous place for gatherings on the Great Plains.


The South on Display at the Southern Cultural Heritage Center

The Southern Cultural Heritage Center— a Catholic school and convent turned cultural center— has a history of hospitality to share with your attendees.


New Ideas in Northern Kentucky

Meeting groups will discover a vibrant hub of Southern charm and urban landscape along the Ohio River in northern Kentucky.


Get Educated on Illinois College Towns

These Illinois college towns bring metropolitan favorites like easy transit and high-end venues to cozy small towns.


Illinois After Hours

Convention Centers are the norm, but a change of atmosphere shifts expectations and gets attendees into a different place physically and mentally.


Get to Know a Military Reunion Planner

Skip Sander is leading the way at the Alliance of Military Reunions, learn more about this pioneering organization.


Myrtle Beach Marriott Unveils a Transformed Resort

The Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort and Spa at Grande Dunes has announced the completion of its $14 million makeover for the summer season.