Only In the Heartland

Groups can gather in unmatched venues and enjoy unparalleled experiences these venues in the Heartland.


Meet the Heartland’s Golf Resorts

These Heartland golf clubs and resorts are doing all they can to help planners take advantage of their golf options and to make the most of golf outings for attendees.


Eye-Catching Conference Centers in the Heartland

Conference and convention centers sometimes get a bad rap as being ho-hum options, but that’s not the case at these venues in the Heartland.


Wellness Matters

We asked the experts to share ways planners can encourage healthy practices at meetings.


Meetings at Museums

Museums offer inventive spaces for meetings and events.


Rocky Mountain Resorts

These resorts showcase the beauty and relaxation of the Rocky Mountains.


Guacamole Challenge Team Building

How should meeting attendees best bond, improve communication and develop leadership skills? They should enlist the aid of some tasty guacamole.


Do Good and Volunteer at Your Meeting

CVBs help meeting planners arrange charitable activities and getting attendees to volunteer.


Saddle Up! for a Ranch Meeting

Next time you are looking for an unforgettable, scenic getaway, consider taking your group to one of the following ranch destinations.


Sandy and Scenic: Coastal Meeting Destinations

These coastal spots are a draw for meeting attendees and their families.