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Creating the ultimate attendee experience

I have heard throughout my career that you are only as good as your last event. As a company representing over 115 facilities around world Global Spectrum executes over 15,000 events and services over 23.5 million patrons annually. It takes a high level of dedication and a love for the industry to remain focused on creating the ultimate experience for our customers.

The essentialness of ensuring our team is providing a great experience for our customers and ultimately their attendees is driven through the “How You Doin’?” principles. These tips that we implement can also work for you when reaching out to your meeting attendees.

1.) Customer First – Put your attendees as your first priority. This should stand from the beginning of your interaction with them throughout the execution of your event.

2.) Golden Rule – We all have learned what this means in our childhood, but it is often forgotten in the professional world. Remind your staff to treat your attendees the way you want to be treated which turns out great for you and your attendees.

3.) Listen – The best way to build credibility and trust with your attendees is with great communication. The most important component is listening to what they say, then ask open ended questions to ensure you get the full picture. Afterwards, follow up to ensure you understand clearly what the request or vision entails.

4.) Think “Yes” – Have you been told no? We all have at some point or another, but you should strive to provide solutions for your customers’ requests, which starts with thinking “yes” at the beginning of each interaction. Working in facilities we get some unique requests. In my experience, if we have taken the time to work through a solution and price the solution out, then the customer is ultimately making the decision on yes or no. Try this approach to give your meeting planners some feeling of control, which is always welcomed when they “own” the solution at the end of the day.

5.) Be Professional – Your team’s interaction with every person visiting the building should be professional in a nature. This includes not only their verbal communication, but also includes their non-verbal communication.

6.) Positive Attitude – Strive to ensure you are providing a positive and dare I say “fun” environment to work. Meeting attendees will see this and ultimately make them happier at the event, creating a win-win situation.

7.) 24 Hour Rule – Acting with urgency is imperative to ensure your attendees are receiving the ultimate experience. This rule means that your staff should be responding to requests, phone or email, within 24 hours with a minimum of an acknowledgement of the communication and a plan for rectifying. For our teams working on the floor during your event, it is the 24 Second Rule. When you need a chair, table or another meal the next day just won’t do.

8.) Everybody Sells – Your entire team should work to assist in improving and providing feedback to ensure that your event runs smoothly. The best and most creative ideas we get some from the men and women working on the front lines every day.

9.) Enthusiasm – Make sure you and your team stay enthusiastically hospitable. Try to always hire professional people who enjoy serving others.

10.) Do It Now – As mentioned before, have your team work with a sense of urgency every day. Most ask for information when they need it, so have your goal be to understand their timeline and to exceed their expectations.

The above top ten principles are in place in each of our venues across the world and transcends languages with the ultimate goal of providing the ultimate customer experience. For your next event, use these tips to create the best attendee experience possible.

Shura Garnett is regional vice president for Global Spectrum, a public assembly facility management company with more than 105 facilities in the United States, Canada, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Facilities managed by Global Spectrum host a variety of entertainment, sports, tradeshows, performing arts and other special events. Global Spectrum focuses on establishing partnerships with its venue owners and event organizers. Call 888-456-2599 or visit for more information.