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Five Ideas for Sports-Related Team Building

Sports of all kinds are found all over the country so there are plenty of opportunities for some sports-related team building with your office. Try looking up an youth league or local sports facility for one of these team building ideas in your community.

1. Provide refreshments at a local race or sporting event.

2. Serve as ushers at a sporting event at your local ballpark.

3. Start a collection drive for old sports equipment like gloves, pads, etc. and donate it to needy families or partner with a local youth league to donate them for scholarship players.

4. Serve as a coach or volunteer to help with a youth sports team.

5. Get an office team together to play in your local city or intramural league with sports such as softball or flag football.

Ashley Ricks

Ashley Ricks is the circulation and marketing manager for The Group Travel Leader Inc.