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Showtime at the Savannah Theatre

As the sun sets each evening in Savannah, Georgia, its rays perform a grand finale as they gracefully close the curtain over an eventful day spent wandering about this historic destination. Although Savannah is best known as America’s first planned city, founded by Gen. James Edward Oglethorpe in 1733, the historic streets, squares, and stoops aren’t the only showstoppers.

Built in 1818, the Savannah Theatre has been entertaining groups and theatergoers since its opening day of December 4 that same year, making it one of the oldest of its kind to be continually operating on the original site. Over the past two centuries, the theater has seen and been through a lot, enduring several fires and facelifts. Today, the Savannah Theatre stands proudly on its original stage marker with a classically beautiful 1940s Art Deco style that sets the stage for memorable moments, events and performances.

“I have been on staff since the beginning of 2002,” said Linda Harris, director of sales for the Savannah Theatre. “Over the years, we have entertained hundreds of thousands and brought them enjoyment. We have had wedding proposals, weddings, business meetings, award banquets, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, Christmas parties and banquets of all kinds at Bryson Hall.”

The theater takes center stage in Chippewa Square’s downtown historic district and has been rated the No. 1 nightlife attraction in Savannah. This historic venue acts as a stage theater during the year, running multiple high-energy shows, concerts and acts throughout the season with up to seven performances a week. But before and after the curtain closes for each show, the theater transforms into an amazing venue available for rent by small groups seeking to perform elaborate weddings, noteworthy parties, rocking concerts, all-day meetings and more.


Meeting Spaces

With 531 seats lining the hall at the Savannah Theatre, the petit hall is the perfect scene for meetings of many kinds. The theater gives groups an unusual place to hold a meeting away from the sterile boardrooms and bland spaces that are equally as common as they are uninspiring. The stage setting changes things up and puts a different light on everything for conference participants. Just outside the doors of the theater, the team is able to perform tented events in Chippewa Square or host savory soirees at its Bryson Hall venue for up to 250 people at a standing reception or 150 for sit-down dinners.


Catering and Dining

Although the theater can host small, catered receptions in the lobby, the main catering venue is the Savannah Theatre’s Bryson Hall, across the square from the theater, where the team can do catering for smaller groups. The theater does not have a full-time catering staff, but the event coordinator has a knack for choosing the perfect caterer for each group’s distinct taste. The staff also recommends a list of vendors and restaurants that includes everything from local Savannah fare to ethnic cuisines from around the world.



They say entertainment value is worth a million dollars, and if that’s true, then the Savannah Theatre is rich beyond measure. With theater as this venue’s middle name, entertainment is what it does best inside those walls. During the day, the venue will provide an unusual setting for seminars by using the in-house audiovisual equipment; then by night, groups can attend one of the fantastic shows. The two-hour musical productions will have groups laughing, singing and swaying along to an eclectic mix of current tunes and beloved melodies with a little bit of comedy and audience participation. Groups can even take advantage of the corporate buyout option, where they can reserve all the seats for a performance and have the theater to themselves for the night, perhaps with a small reception in the lobby.