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The Global Spectrum difference


Shura Garnett, CFE

What sets Global Spectrum-managed meeting and event venues apart from others? Meeting planners will recognize these points, made by Shura Garnett, vice president of convention center sales and marketing for Global Spectrum, as major advantages.

Planners are VIPs

Global Spectrum’s VIP Program is designed to recognize meeting and event planners as the decision makers when they are hosting events in Global Spectrum-managed venues and to make the planner’s job as easy as possible.

Planners receive a pin that is designed to identify the meeting planner as the decision-maker so that Global Spectrum staff as well as others who might be assisting with the meeting or convention, such as community volunteers or CVB staff, know they are speaking to the meeting’s planner.

“When the planner makes a request, they are immediately recognized as being a person of authority,” said Garnett.

Other benefits a planner might receive include a VIP welcome basket with items such as staplers and tape, needles and thread, adhesive bandages; coffee and other drinks or snacks for their office; and use of a two-way radio so they can easily reach staff.

Empowered customer service

Global Spectrum is known for its customer service program, called How You Doin’? Like most Global Spectrum programs, venues can customize the program to reflect their location and personality. For example, a Global Spectrum venue located in the South might call the program How Ya’ll Doin’?

Ten customer service principles are the program’s foundation. Among them are “Customer first,” “Listen,” and “Think ‘Yes!’”

“All of the principles are designed to empower the employees to make good decisions on behalf of our clients and to always go above and beyond our client’s expectations” said Garnett.

For example, should a planner need copies, an extra table in their booth or assistance carrying a box in, a staff member would be empowered to take care of the request and work out the details later. Planners can recognize these efforts by filling out comment cards that are given to meeting planner clients and turned back in to the venue, according to Garnett.  The cards and comments are then used as part of Global Spectrum’s employee recognition programs which reinforces the ongoing commitment to outstanding customer service.