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Tweets can be sweet marketing tools

With more than 200 million “tweeters” worldwide, Twitter has become a powerful communication tool.

If you aren’t tweeting to promote your meetings and events, it might be time to give this social media tool a test flight.

In all realms, it seems that industry influencers and the tech savvy are the most active users of Twitter.

Cute name aside, Twitter is like any other form of marketing and communication. Clear messages are essential, and that begins with the Twitter account name.

The “@” symbol is always used before an account name. Many Twitter users use their name (@janedoe), or a company name (@pepsi).  Others use a slogan, (@therealthing) or identifying term (@themeetingplanner).

Because the Twitter account name will be used on all marketing materials and messages, it should be chosen carefully and be aligned with an overall marketing message.

Build audience by following others
Building an audience, or followers, is essential. One way to do so is to become a follower of the companies and people with whom you do business, meeting planners with whom you work, and destinations and facilities that you use. Follow them, and many will likely return the favor.

Another way to build a following is to promote your Twitter account on your email correspondence, letterhead, website, LinkedIn account and any other form of communication.

As you build followers, begin tweeting, always remembering that quality content is a key to attracting followers.

Each tweet is limited to 140 characters (that’s about 25 words), so make them count. This is not the place for complete sentences.

In addition to brief messages about what you are promoting, include links to websites, articles, blogs and other information. The post popular tweeters are those who share good information and resources.

Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital and author of the “Social Media Field Guide,” said consistency and relevance are key to success.

“When using social media for promotion, it is important to remember to consistently add value and participate in a natural and relevant way. People on social media sites are looking for information that is helpful and relevant to them; they aren’t really looking for advertisements. Take time and understand the community before jumping in and promoting your event.”