MeetMax Games Launches New Category of Corporate Entertainment


Small Market Meetings
Published June 07, 2017

NEW YORK — MeetMax Games has launched Smart Group Games, a new concept in corporate entertainment that uses an innovative technology platform to bring interactive face-to-face fun to any venue.  

MeetMax runs a variety of unique games that create challenging, lighthearted competition and get people interacting at events, conferences, team meetings or parties. The games, which simultaneously accommodate large groups of players, encourage participants to collaborate, negotiate and strategize with each other.

“As a huge fan of modern board games, my primary goal was to make games that were fun and challenging while keeping them accessible for a large group,” said MeetMax Games founder Rikki Tahta. “The development challenge was to create real games with uncertain outcomes where people made interesting decisions, but that could handle 20 or more simultaneous players who had to learn how to play in under two minutes.”

“We pulled three different departments together to engage and recharge,” said Dow Jones chief innovation officer Edward Roussel, one of the early beta clients. “Everyone had a blast. Within minutes, the teams had loosened up and were having fun with an experience that was entirely original.”

MeetMax provides the platform and leads all the games. Clients just need to provide the location and players. A typical event will be one to two hours, with four or five different games. All games are played face to face, while shared screens across a playing area provide a common view to allow players to collaborate and keep track of their progress. A patented ID card action system allows up to 50 players to participate simultaneously in a single game.  

Examples of MeetMax’s initial line of games are Treasure, a puzzle-solving game where players use their communications skills to locate their teammates and the treasure; Potions, a negotiation game where players are in partnerships and strategically trade information to create the strongest potion; and Settlement, a collaborative game where players develop their characters by trading resources, learning new skills and working together to build towns.