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Do You Ask for What You Really Want?

How often are you told “no” when you make a request?

Are there times you don’t ask and you should?

Have you ever hesitated because you might appear stupid, weak or unprepared?

Many of us are conditioned by our schools, our communities or our places of worship to think of others first. You may have learned that asking for what you want or asking for more than “your share” is selfish or reflects a flaw in your character. Or maybe you think you won’t use the right words to get your message across. You might avoid asking for clarification and create unnecessary work for you and others.

Would it be helpful to find out what might block you, and those you work with, from asking for what you really want? If so, please answer these questions (Note: please use this exact link if you forward to others.)


Your answers will be used in an SMU TEDx talk and upcoming book entitled, Ask Outrageously by one of past contributing authors, Linda Swindling. Small Market Meetings will receive the early results of this research before the book is published and will post the findings here.